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Regenerative agriculture goes beyond “organic” and places a strong emphasis on rebuilding local ecosystems. This is accomplished by building organic material in the soil and increasing plant diversity so that the microbial world, which powers soil health, can flourish.  


Pastured pork is the natural environment for swine, they were created to root, run and eat forage.  Healthier for you, for the animal, and a way to bring soils back to life, naturally!!

regenerative pastured pork - ear to the earth farm
pork cut diagram



Higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids
Most health experts recommend a diet with a 4:1 ratio of omega 6:3 fatty acids— as omega 6s contribute to inflammatory processes in the body— while the average American diet has a ratio closer to 30:1 of these fatty acid groups! While the omega 6:3 ratio of conventionally

raised pork is around 20:1, this number can be cut by 60% by raising the hogs on pasture, where they have access to a diverse diet, in addition to eating grain.

Higher levels of antioxidants

Pork from pasture-raised pigs contains twice the amount of vitamin E—which is important for heart, skin, hormonal, and brain health—as pork from confined hogs, as well as greater amounts of selenium—which is necessary for detoxification and thyroid health.


Higher levels of vitamin D
Technically a hormone, vitamin D is a hot topic in health and nutrition worlds for a good reason: it's critical for a dizzying number of functions in our bodies such as hormone balance, immune function, inflammation control, calcium metabolism, bone and muscle health, and more. And almost everyone is deficient in it.  While there are a number of reasons behind this widespread deficiency, inadequate dietary intake is a big one.  And guess what? The meat and fat from hogs raised on pasture (i.e. exposed to sunlight) can have three times the amount of vitamin D as their conventionally-raised counterparts. In fact, the USDA lists lard from pastured hogs as a top food source of this vitamin!

No animal deserves confinement, but especially one as intelligent as the pig.

Pigs raised on pasture are not only healthier, but they're allowed to exercise, wallow in mud, root around, explore, and be pigs! (



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regenerative pastured pork - ear to the earth farm
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regenerative pastured pork - ear to the earth farm

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First time buying pork in bulk? First time buying directly from the farmer? You won't be disappointed!  The flavor and quality of meat is of no comparison to what is sold at most supermarkets.  Sure, it seems like a large investment upfront, but keep in mind you can now bypass the meat counter for the next year and know where and how your pork has been raised!  It has been estimated that buying in bulk can save you at least 25% of the cost should you purchase retail cuts as you go.

  • Pork is sold by the 1/2 or whole so get your family and friends together to share and save!

  • Orders are now open!  A deposit of $250 is required per 1/2 share.  Pork will be harvested in Oct/Nov 2024.


  • Pricing is based on hanging weight from butcher. This is the weight of the carcass after butchering but before aging and the cutting and wrapping. Hanging weight per half averages around 100 lbs.  You should expect to receive approximately 65% of the hanging weight in your freezer as individual cuts. (plan on 3-4 cu ft of freezer space per 1/2 hog)


  • A typical variety of cuts would include roasts, chops, bacon, back bacon, ground and sausage (for those ordering a whole animal.) 


  • Pricing is $7.25/lb based on hanging weight which includes all processing and delivery to a central pick up location in the Calgary area.


To secure your order for fall of 2024 please head over to our payment page and we will ensure your order is in the queue.

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