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Grass Finished Beef

Grass Finished Beef

Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

Gourmet Garlic

Gourmet Garlic

Grass Finished Beef Roast

Grass Finished Beef Roast


Hoop House

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Our family has just recently moved back to Canada, choosing Sundre, AB (Mountain View County) after 11 years of international agricultural work in Senegal (West Africa).


It is our desire to be able to connect people back to their communities, to creation and to their Creator by growing and supplying wholesome, nutrient-dense produce along with pastured meat and poultry.

Farming in a way that focuses on soil health, knowing that the plants we eat and the animals that forage from

Friesen family

healthy soils are better for the animals, for us, and tastes great!  We want to be good stewards of the land entrusted to us and utilize it in a way that brings and encourages life. Regeneration!

We farm holistically, knowing that every decision we make affects another component in the farm, another individual, our communities, and our environment. 

Thanks for joining with us as we do our part to improve the health of our soils to grow food that tastes great and is good for us!


Here at Ear to the Earth Farm we utilize regenerative, minimum-till techniques.  Our broadfork is the primary tool for getting the new garden beds ready.  We rely heavily on cover crops and foliar sprays to bring soils back to life.  The simple guidelines of not disturbing the soil, the use of mulch, and keeping living roots in the beds as long as we can allows fungal networks, soil bacteria and beneficial microorganisms to flourish and do what nature does best, build soil.  All the while keeping carbon in the ground where it belongs. Regenerative agriculture goes beyond “organic” and places a strong emphasis on rebuilding local ecosystems by building organic material in the soil, increasing plant diversity so that the microbial world which powers soil health can flourish.   Naturally :) 



Garlic varieties:

  • Red Russian

  • Purple Russian

  • Creme de la Rasa

  • Majestic

Onion varieties: 

  • Ailsa Craig (white, sweet onion),

  • Rossa d'Inverno (red, pungent long storage)

All natural Garlic - Ear to the Earth Farm
All natural Tomatoes - Ear to the Earth Farm


Grown with love in our greenhouses with a taste Grandma would approve of.....varieties such as Black Krim, Old German, San Marzano, Moscvich, Sungold, Black Cherry......


Featuring arugula, salad mixes and both microgreens and pea shoots for 2024.

All natural vegetables - Ear to the Earth Farm
Pastured Pork - Ear to the Earth Farm


Our pork is all out on pasture, heritage breed pigs being "pigs", rooting, running and free.

This the natural environment for swine.

Healthier for you, for the animal, and a way to bring soils back to life!



For our beef we are featuring Red and Black Angus for exceptional flavor and finish on 100% grass, naturally.

Grass finished is the natural cycle of a bovine, they never were created to eat GMO corn and grains.

This is nutrient dense beef, animals harvesting vitamins from the grass and giving us an amazing and flavorful rich protein source, all powered by the sun!



Grass Finished Beef - Ear to the Earth Farm
poultry on fresh green grass


 Our birds are raised with care and attention, living a natural and healthy lifestyle that produces meat that is rich in nutrients and flavor.


We use organic, non-GMO feed to ensure the highest quality product, and our dedication to sustainable and regenerative farming practices is evident in every bite.


These are not the "normal" fast growing genetically modified white broilers you will find from nearly every other producer. The birds we are using are robust, bred for the pasture and act like chickens! (scratching, running around, eating bugs and enjoying the outdoors) This is a slow growth bird with exceptional flavor!


Ear to the Earth Farm


We have a limited supply of high quality hoop house kits (Farmers Friend) available for sale this spring.  These kits are manufactured in the US, come shipped on a pallet and can be installed in a day! We can also offer installation services in the local area.

  •   (1) of 16' x 100' Gothic Pro with lift kit, 14 gauge hoops on 4ft centers, 6 mil plastic, 30% shade cloth kit, wind and cross bracing, double zipper door for each end.

  •   (2) of 14' x 50' Gothic Pro with lift kit, 17 gauge hoops on 4ft centers, 6 mil plastic, 30% shade cloth kit, wind and cross bracing, double zipper door for each end.

Consulting - Ear to the Earth Farm


Interested in no till gardening? Using foliar sprays to sequester carbon? Do you want to learn about managed intensive grazing and how it can improve your pasture and provide you with healthy meat? Interested in low cost soil and plant amendments using Korean Natural Farming techniques?

After spending the past 11 years managing a regenerative agro-forestry project in West Africa, Joell is now applying past experiences within the local context to bring life back to depleted soils.

Contact us to see how we can help you!

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31170 RR 52A

Sundre, AB

T0M 1X0


t: +1 403 907 4590

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Grass Finished Beef - Ear to the Earth Farm

"But ask the animals what they think - let them teach you; let the birds tell you what's going on.  Put your ear to the earth - learn the basics. Listen - the fish in the ocean will tell you their stories.  Isn't it clear that they all know and agree that God is sovereign, that he holds all things in his hand -

Job 12:7-9

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