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Please select this option to reserve your pastured poultry for summer 2024!


We will require a $15/deposit per bird.


Each bird should dress between a range of 4-6lbs.


Final price will be invoiced by weight, $8.25/lb (minus your deposit)


Minimum order is 5 birds.  A family of four would normally consume 15-20 birds per year.


Our birds are raised with care and attention, living a natural and healthy lifestyle that produces meat that is rich in nutrients and flavor.


We use organic, non-GMO feed to ensure the highest quality product, and our dedication to sustainable and regenerative farming practices is evident in every bite.


These are not the "normal" fast growing genetically modified white broilers you will find from nearly every other producer. The birds we are using are robust, bred for the pasture and act like chickens! (scratching, running around, eating bugs and enjoying the outdoors) This is a slow growth bird with exceptional flavor!



Pastured Poultry - Deposit (Minimum order of 5 required)

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